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Digital Fish Library

I’d like to introduce you to the Digital Fish Library, of which I’m a developer on. The idea of this library is to catalog MRI data from hundreds of fish species worldwide and provide online analysis tools. It’s like open source resarch, so to speak. Scientists can log in and do dissections and other analyses if they wish. My job is to collect and post the data and develop the website.

The project is currently at http://www.digitalfishlibrary.org/ if you’re interested in taking a look. I’m in the process of completely rewriting the codebase to take advantage of the Smarty template engine and PHP5’s support for object oriented programming.


Coming from Blogger *shudder*

Blogger is nice and pretty, and somewhat easy to use, but it’s really not that great. After a few short days on the service I’m already switching to WordPress (here) for the moment, and probably soon to switch to my own hosted version of WP in coming weeks.

And thus we begin

Like so many others attending ApacheCon 2005, I’ve been inspired to begin blogging some of my web programming experience, so expect to see short explanations of my ideas, and probably several snippets of conceptual code. I’ve spent some time on the forums over at PHPBuilder from time to time as I develop for work, but now I think is the time to put a little more direction into my work.