Cool Download Page

I’m looking into new JS frameworks for frontend enhancements, and came across MooTools on recommendation from a friend. The framework has lots of cool features and seems pretty simple, but one thing I’m most impressed with is the download page. It acts just like the *nix package managers – allowing to you pick and choose which modules you’d like to download – even auto-selecting dependencies. Definitely a novel idea for the web.

Pre-QA isn’t good for interviews

I’m just going to throw this out there… if you have a piece of software, site, etc that isn’t quite at the QA stages, no matter how rockin’ in might be, you might want to consider holding off on showing it to others until you know the demo is going to work. I think I’m done showing people demonstrations of Mr. Fish Lite until the backend VTK issues are ironed out, which thankfully is *not* my job. There are some pesky UI issues I need to iron-out with IE box models and transparent PNG support as well, but at least those are things I can fix pretty quickly.

My advice, show some screenshots or maybe even make a snazzy video demonstration where you can control all the variables.

In the meantime you can see a screenshot of Mr. Fish Lite here

Mr. Fish Lite is coming

If you’re interested in the DFL project, you’ll be happy to know that German and I are tasked with a bit of a crack programming job in the next week or so. Actually, we told our boss the idea we had about making a “Lite” version of the data viewer program that runs through some fancy AJAX and DOM scripting, with a Java frontend on VTK for the image production.

Crash course on DOM here I come!