Data Visualization

Mr. Fish Lite is coming

If you’re interested in the DFL project, you’ll be happy to know that German and I are tasked with a bit of a crack programming job in the next week or so. Actually, we told our boss the idea we had about making a “Lite” version of the data viewer program that runs through some fancy AJAX and DOM scripting, with a Java frontend on VTK for the image production.

Crash course on DOM here I come!


Siggraph2006 Poster

We got the good news today: our poster for Siggraph2006 has been accepted!

Look for Interactive 3D Graphics for Web-based Data Analysis and Visualization for the Digital Fish Library (DFL). I likely won’t be there for the conference, but German will – he is the first author, after all.

DFL Publications.

Amira 3.1 and Movie Maker issues

Many thanks to Don Duncan at Mercury Computer Systems for his help getting the Movie Maker functionality back up and running on my system.

Problem: The Movie Maker module doesn’t work under Fedora FC4/Amira3.1.1. Part of the console error displays:
/path/to/amira/arch-Linux-Optimize/ symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference
Bad type "HxMovieMaker"

Solution: Don indicates other customers have had issues running Amira 3.1.1 on version of Linux later than Red Hat 8 (platform Amira was built on). The work-around is to set the following environment variable:
It has something to do with newer versions of the Native Posix Thread Library. The environment variable tells the system you want to use the older implementation.

If you’re running Fedora you probably don’t want to set the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4 as a default environment variable, so it might be better to manually set it if you know you’re going to need it in Amira.