I’m Cameron Perry, a husband and father of two from San Diego, Ca. I’m the lead iOS engineer and R&D lead at MJD Interactive. I’m also the man behind Pivotal Action, Inc. “We” specialize in mobile and digital experiences and have produced several notable apps over the years that you may recognize. The company isn’t active right now, but we continue to develop our own projects for sale on the AppStore.

I’m also an avid homebrewer and grassroots conservationist. The former is a love for the craft and perfecting flavor combinations and experiences. The latter came about organically (no pun intended) as I transformed our property into an oasis of California native plants for water conservation and benefit to local wildlife.

Get the Code

You can fork me over on GitHub.

I’m also the author of the iOS Smart App Banner plugin for WordPress.

iOS Smart App Banner is a plugin that allows you to take advantage of a feature in iOS, where by placing a special <meta> tag will tell mobile safari to open a banner at the top of the page, pointing to your app in the app store. Check Apple for the details.