The Next Thing


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tl;dr I've accepted a new position as Director of Technology, Connected Experience at Valtech. Details follow...

One thing I love about working in technology is the vast number of career options - there are always new challenges around the corner and the variety keeps it interesting. This is especially true working in agencies like Valtech. Because we see projects from myriad industries in any given year, our software tool belt is quite varied. Whether it's sharpening skills or picking up new languages, frameworks, and methodologies, it never gets old or go stale. It's no wonder resumés become filled with assorted technologies over time. Each is the marker of a new experience - challenges overcome, frustrations and tears, elation, and sense of accomplishment. None of this is in isolation - we earn these badges together, as a team. Our teamwork allows us to work through challenges and obstacles by relying on each others' strengths.

There comes a point where teams gel. It's the collective sense of synchrony, that place where the nuances of collaboration become second nature. There's nothing better than a team that works together effortlessly. This is my team in Valtech, and I'm so very grateful for them. Even more so, our workplace culture drives us to not settle for "good enough." We want better than that. We strive to rely on the strengths each one brings to the table. You know the saying... the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I'm fortunate to be here working with such talented individuals. As our our team grows and and nature of our work maturing in the direction we want to be headed, an opportunity for me arose.

I've come to the point where I step forward to accept a new role in this team. I am now serving as Director of Technology, Connected Experience at Valtech. Sure, but what is "Connected Experience" (aka CxP)? Think of all the interesting technology that connects customers and experiences, connects the digital and the physical, whether it's flagship retail environments, theme park worlds, or other experiential events and locations. We're working with cutting-edge technologies and solutions in this space, including a considerable efforts in R&D and prototyping, spanning web, IoT, AR/VR, 3D, metaverse, NFTs & crypto, and intersections between art and technology. This is the type of work we've done best, even before Valtech, when we were MJD Interactive. The spirit continues.

I look forward to what we can do together.