Apples Answer on Upgrade Pricing

From David Smith

Logic Pro X is a Major with a capital M update to their professional audio editing suite. It appears to represent a significant investment in both time and resources. So how is it being sold, especially to people who already paid $200 for the previous version Logic Pro 9? It is a separate app download with a full cost purchase. No upgrades, no introductory pricing, just straight forward sale.

I’d say that this is the best indication of Apple’s intentions and expectations for the App Stores going forward.

via Apples Answer on Upgrade Pricing – David Smith.

I know people are offended by the pricing, but the reasonable side of me wonders how they can be so offended. Perhaps the “race to the bottom” on the mobile side has poisoned us into believing software should be very cheap (or free).

Your App Idea

This is first part in the series, How to Develop an App. The series will discuss various aspects of taking an idea for an app and turning it into an actual product. I’ve had the pleasure of working on many great projects with a variety of clients over the years. As each client and project is unique, you tend to learn new things and see your profession in new lights as you gain experience. I hope to share some of those morsels with you.

But it’s not just for programmers and technical people. After all, there are a lot of you out there who have no desire to learn a single line of code, yet might be in charge of your company’s app development project. Or maybe you have an idea and are interested in hiring somebody else to do the technical work. I think even developers will walk away from this series with some new tools under their belts.

The App Idea

For the sake of the discussion, let’s assume you already have a rough idea. It could be for a game, a utility app, entertainment, or anything else.